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Making some Shelving

Building a Refugee Center in Paris with my friends and colleagues Julien Beller and Manu Macaigne

Reunion in the Netherlands with friend and artist Kevin van Braak on his project OXO at the outdoor exhibition Sonsbeek 2016 in the Netherlands, making a Mobile Kitchen-Unit

Kick-of and completion of Croydon Meanwhile, a social project for the council with some shipping containers, creating small businesses. 

Design and production of a modular structure for the archive of Arte-Util at Gallery the ArtCatalysts


Experimenting with Japanese Paper Hinges to make a worktop to be used in 3 dimensions in combination with equally 3D threstles

The Threstles in question

Making a Chair using only 18 mm ply-wood

A dining Table for 8 out of reclaimed floorboards and Steel

The continuation of 100 Unionstreet, living on-site in a wooden cabin, a reclaimed Pavillion from the V&A, the construction of the ZOME, a new Workshop, guest cabins, and reclaimed Art-Cases, the Feeding Mouth and much more...


Transforming a barn into a Guesthouse, OPRIEUR

Making a suspended walkway and floating staircase

Making an 18 meter long modular multi functional furniture 

Adding a Table of medieval proportions and weight

Invited at the festival Tropisme in Montpellier by Contemporary Art Center La Panacee, EXYZT builds and activates a sauna and rest-areas, db builds a wooden cabin for storage at groundlevel and an escape on the first floor, La Plank

The improvisation of a Chair in time spare in Montpellier

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