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Centre-Humanitaire Paris Nord



Humanitarian center for asylum seekers


A temporary center and residence for asylum seekers as a response to the fast growing amount of migrants in France and its capital. A two storey disused SNCF warehouse contains 7 'streets' with refectories, receptions and cabins. An inflated structure houses the administrative centre for all migrants seeking asylum in France. Refurbished shipping-containers house offices and hospital. Stairs, ramps and other elements of access and circulation made with timber and scaffolding.


Refectories&receptions: Scaffolding, Tarpaulin, timber.

Cabins: Prefabricated Timber structures, Tarpaulin, plaster, paint.

Sanitaries, Offices, Hospital: Fully fitted Shipping containers.

Access points: Timber and scaffolding.

Client: Emmaus

architect: Julien Beller

Project with Depuis 1920

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